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Physiotherapy Services

Manual Therapy

Our highly skilled physiotherapists utilize a variety of hands-on treatment techniques, including:

  • Soft tissue mobilizations
  • Joint mobilizations
  • High-velocity Grade V manipulations
  • PNF stretching

Sports-Specific Therapy

We tailor rehabilitation programs to the specific demands of your sport. For example, a marathon runner's ankle injury rehabilitation differs significantly from a gymnast's.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

We collaborate with both local and international surgeons to ensure comprehensive rehabilitation post-surgery. Common surgeries we treat include:

  • Total knee and hip replacements
  • ACL knee reconstructions
  • Knee arthroscopies
  • Recurrent shoulder dislocation stabilization
  • Cervical and lumbar discectomies

Low Back and Neck Pain

We address the most common issues seen in our department, whether due to postural problems, acute trauma, or chronic overuse, to alleviate your symptoms effectively.

Running Gait Analysis

Using CoachNow software, we analyze your movement patterns while running, golfing, or bowling. This helps identify and correct any faulty movements.

Specific Soft Tissue Mobilisation

This clinical massage targets areas of increased tension and muscle spasm, relieving pain and dysfunction.

Deep Tissue Mobilisation 

Designed for athletes, this technique combines deep tissue techniques with active and passive stretching to prepare you for sports or enhance recovery. Please specify which type of sports mobilisation suits you best.

Functional Dry Needling

Our physiotherapists use functional dry needling to reduce muscle pain and stiffness, improving flexibility and function.

Physiotherapy Rates

Due to the variety of insurance plans available, pricing may vary. Please contact your insurance provider for coverage details.

  • New Client Co-payment (with valid insurance): $70
  • Follow-up Co-payment (with valid insurance): $45/$40
  • New Client Rate (without valid insurance): $145
  • Follow-up Rate (without valid insurance): $120

Feel free to reach out with any questions about our services or rates.


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