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Health & Wellness Workstation Ergonomic Assessments

What is Ergonomics & How Can It Improve My Business?

Ergonomics is the science of optimizing the relationship between workers and their environment to enhance efficiency, reduce muscle tension and fatigue, and improve productivity.

Studies show that worksite health promotion and disease prevention programs save companies money in healthcare expenditures and generate a positive return on investment (Johnson & Johnson 2002, Citibank 1999-2000, Procter and Gamble 1998, Chevron 1998, California Public Retirement System 1994, Bank of America 1993, Dupont 1990).

What We Offer

Company-Wide Ergonomic Assessment

We will evaluate a cross-section of employees in their workstations and produce a comprehensive report with easy-to-implement solutions aimed at improving workstation efficiency, reducing muscular fatigue, and boosting productivity.

Cost: $450

"Ergonomics in the Workplace" PowerPoint Presentation

Designed for office workers, this presentation addresses techniques to ensure proper workstation setup and correct seating use to promote optimal posture at work.

Cost: $300

Individual Workstation Assessment

We will visit your department and individually assess workstations, providing advice and recommendations to improve the working environment.

Cost: $70 per station (minimum 3 stations)

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